ARACHI - A division bench of Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday moved a copy of the order of Supreme Court of Pakistans decision regarding formation of special bench pertaining to the petitions over the Oil and Gas related issues. The bench of High Court of Sindh comprising Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Malik Mohammad Aqil conducted the hearing over the petition moved by Zafar Malik, a shareholder in Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL), against privatisation of oil field as well as against plantation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Counselling the petition, Abdul Hafeez Perzada Advocate submitted the copy of the order regarding establishing of special bench in Sindh High Court, passed by the Supreme Court in which the apex court ordered that as many as forty petitions pertaining to the same matter are under proceedings in different courts of the country, including Islamabad High Court, Lahore High Court and Sindh High Court. Because all the matters are related to the Sindh province, so all the petitions should be brought to the same high court, while a special bench should be formed in SHC to hear all such cases. After producing the said order, the bench asked the counsel that the copy of said order should be moved before the Chief Justice of Sindh, who will decide about taking any initiative in this regard. The copy of the order was also sent to the Chief Justice of SHC to take any initiative in this regard. Notice issued to AGP Moreover, the same bench has issued notice to Auditor General of Pakistan and others on the application moved by Town Nazim of Kiamari to conduct audit of Kiamari Town Humayn Khan for the next date to be fixed later. The counsel representing the plaintiff appeared before the bench and argued that the ordinance to conduct audit had been abolished in 2007, so on which basis the Auditor General of Pakistan is conducting audit in only said town. The court summoned the Auditor General, Secretary of Local Government and other respondents in the next hearing for seeking explanation in this regard. Meanwhile, the said bench also summoned Attorney General of Pakistan over bringing vote of confidence against Jacobabad District Nazima Ms Saeed Somoro till 17 Jun. The district Nazima filed a petition pertaining the move against her Nazimship by bringing vote of confidence by the house. The Nazima, belonging to Pakistan Muslim League (Q), submitted that she is being politically victimised. Court seeks report in Bus Terminal case Another division bench consisting of Justice Maqbool Baqar and Justice Abdur Rahman Farup Pirzada asked Chief Secretary of Sindh to submit the report over the Intercity Bus Terminal within three months over the petition moved by Islam Hussain. The bench asked the government regarding the process over the allotment of 35 acres of land for the Intercity Bus Terminal. The petitioner told the court that the decisions taken by the courts in said connection have not been implemented, as the authorities concerned as well as the transporters are still violating the decisions. While the counsel Mohammad Faruq Advocate, on the behalf of different transporters representative bodies, has come against his view by saying that all the decisions passed by the court have been implemented. The plaintiff submitted that due to establishing of encroachments along with the bus terminals in Jamshed Town and Sadder town, the citizens have been suffering for last many years. Responding to the Sindh Government, CDGK, DIG traffic Karachi, Karachi Bus Owners Association, All Karachi Rickshaw Dealers and Shaheen Auto Rickshaw, he submitted that the citizens have been also suffering because of the toxic smokes emitting by the vehicles. Earlier, the counsel appeared on the behalf of CDGK stated that various terminals have been constructed for the purpose of bus stands for different routs from Karachi to other cities. Whereas, regarding the construction of bus terminals for buses; which leave for Hyderabad and onwards, the land needs to be granted by the provincial government for construction of the said project. He also submitted that in the past, public roads have been encroached by transporters and owners of large buses that run from City to long routs from various places such as on Nashtar road from Lasbella to Tinhatti and Business Recorder road. While such mafias have also encroached major parts of Saddar town, due to which the passage for smooth traffic is blocked and causing daily traffic jams. The plaintiff also requested for issuing direction to the concern department for taking action against such encroachments under provision of law and also against the vehicles emitting poisonous smoke, causing noise pollution and having malfunctioning meters in their vehicles. He also pleaded to remove all illegal encroachments including bus stops and terminals established over public roads. Particularly, from Lasbela to Guru Mandir, where permanent parking places have covered most of the roads.