Some TV channels are inviting TNSM leaders to their talk shows in the name of press freedom. While we do need more democracy and more freedom of the press, the dynamics of the operation against militancy demands an appropriate adjustment of our information policy. This is the time for the press to exercise maximum restraint and self-regulation over its profession. The maulanas adorning TV screens around the world seek an aura of pride and legitimacy in their war against the state of Pakistan. The pro militant scholars who do not accept the constitution of the country and consider democracy as kufr should have no space on the electronic airwaves of the world. We can not afford glamorization and lionization of extremists who are at war not only against Pakistan but also against the entire human civilization. Against this background I suggest some kind of self-control be applied by our private TV channels. We can have more of democracy and more of freedom of media if Pakistan survives the vicious onslaught of these merchants of death who go about their business in the name of religion. The political parties who have reservations against the military operation need to understand that Pakistan is at war against those who aim to destroy it. Once the war is over and the militants have been defeated (I am sure Pakistan will win) we can revisit democracy and freedom of the media. -B.A. MALIK, Islamabad, via e-mail, May 12.