The people of Balochistan feel alienated in this country due to step-motherly treatment meted out to them, especially during the last nine years of the dictatorial rule. The illegal occupation of over 300 state-owned houses on prime real estate by the Qabza groups in Karachi was kosher for Musharraf but he did not even think twice while ordering the brutal murder of Akbar Bugti. Bugti's sole crime was to ask for legitimate share of royalty in gas for Balochistan at par with that given to Sindh. The value of state-owned land illegally allotted to supporters of an ethnic political party at just about the same time is presently estimated to be over a trillion rupees. No auction was undertaken by either the Karachi City government, or provincial government, or federal government, although the federal Chief Real Estate Officer had raised this issue. Even today isolated instances of illegal occupation of land by miscreants of Pakhtun origin has been blown out of proportion by the Karachi City government while illegal occupation of over 55 acres of prime real estate located in the centre of Karachi, allocated for Ahmed Ali Park and scores of plots in Clifton, PECHS etc, valued at several crores of rupees, have been occupied by mafia with out any resistance from the local establishment. Scores of poor Pakhtuns were massacred in recent target killing in Karachi, although none of them were involved in the crime of illegal occupation of land. These unjustified killings give the impression of ethnic cleansing under the garb of accusations that Pakhtuns are a part of the land mafia. The jeans-and-jogger mafia rules the roost. -RASHID ORAKZAI, Quetta, via e-mail, May 10.