A top US military official today said the Pakistani intelligence agency has to change its outlook. "Pakistan created the ISI and its strategic approach has been to foment towards India, foment towards Afghanistan and in their insecurity in that regard, the ISI has a mission," Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen said. "A lot of that will change, I believe, long-term if they have more confidence in their own security," Mullen said in response to a question in his appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Mullen said he has expressed his concern to the Pak leaders about the links between ISI and the Taliban. "I have had lengthy discussions with Pak civilian and military leadership, the military leadership is critical here and what I've watched and certainly expressed this concern and my belief has been for some time that I believe the ISI has to change its strategic approach in order for progress to be made over the long term," he said in response to a question from Senator Feingold.