KARACHI - Naib City Nazim Nasreen Jalil on Thursday asked the Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani to heed on alternative sources of producing electricity for the Karachiites. The City Council has arranged a presentation on electricity production for the citizens of Karachi with the help of embassy of the Republic of Korea. Hyundai company representative has suggested installing power plants to generate electricity for the City that has been suffering from huge power loses. Zulfiqar Mohiuddin of Hyundai gave the presentation to the members of the City council in which he told that one power plant will produce 1.7MWs electricity for 400 to 500 houses, while the installation of plant takes total 9 months time including 7 months for development and 2 months for its shifting. He further told that such plants are easily moveable and their capacity can be increased with certain measures, and the rates of generation of electricity are 12 cents per kilowatt, which is 9.72 paisa per unit. He told that such power plants could easily be operated by gas, however around 544 such power plants are operated in Cuba. On point of order, the house members put several questions saying that such project is not feasible due to its high cost and the citizens of Karachi are already getting electricity on such rates by KESC at 9.90 paisa per KWT. They asked the naib nazim that such sort of projects should not be taken in consideration in haste as it had been done in past when KESC was privatised which turned out to be a nuisance for Karachiites. They also said that the generation of power was not a problem but its proper distribution was the actual issue by which the consumer is suffering. Consul General of Korea Kyoung Yong Kim, Country Manager Hyundai Jin Han Chung, President Pakistan Korea Business Forum Ahsan Mukhtar Zubairi, and Deputy General Manager Hyundai Karachi Zulfiqar Mohiddun were also present in the session. The members thanked the Consul General of Korea. The session was adjourned till May 23.