KARACH - MQM Rabita Committee has assured its full support to the Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) call for a peaceful strike tomorrow (Saturday) in protest against the settlement of displaced persons of Swat and Malakand in Sindh. JSQM chairman Bashir Qureshi had appealed to the people to observe a shutdown strike on May 23 to express their opposition to the governments policy for accommodating internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Sindh province including Karachi. JSQM (Arasar Group) has also given a strike call on May 23rd and 25th against the settlements of IDPs in Sindh. To muster support from the MQM, JSQMs 5-members delegation called on the MQM Rabita Committee members Waseem Aftab and Shakir Ali at Khursheed Memorial Hall here on Thursday. JSQMs central finance secretary Naeem Mandhro led the delegation. Both sides agreed to strengthen their contacts for a joint stance on Sindh-specific issues such as the IDPs affair. JSQM leaders expressed their deep concern over the migration of the displaced persons of Swat, Buner and Malakand agency to Sindh province. They informed the MQM Rabita Committee members that Sindh government so far had neither maintained any record of the IDPs nor registered these people. JSQM delegation further said that under the cover of IDPs, large number of Taliban were also coming to Sindh and this would be dangerous for peace in the Sindh province in future. They expressed the hope that MQM would participate in the strike of JSQM. In response, the MQM Rabita Committee leader assured the JSQM delegation of their full support. They said that it was the responsibility of the Sindh government to take serious notice of Sindh peoples concern about Taliban. They further assured the JSQM that MQM would fully support it against Talibanisation. Meanwhile, other parties in Sindh have also opposed the IDPs entry in Sindh and the JSQM had also garnered support from Sindh United Party on this issue.