Recently, a newspaper published a picture showing a Swati mother squatting on the ground. She was holding her baby in her lap. As the drones were raining bombs on the northern areas, the mother was raining tears on the baby. The tears-drenched baby was helplessly looking at the sky. The looks were piteously saying: "O Heaven Why was I born in Swat? What sort of a sin had I committed before my birth for which I am punished? Was it not possible that I had never been born? Had I not been born, I would have enjoyed an eternity of blissful non-existence. I don't have the means to rid myself of my life. I beg a favour. Please Heaven Call me back. I passionately desire to be back to my pre-natal heavenly bliss." The sky reprimanded the baby: "Don't interfere in Destiny's affairs. To decide when and where one is to be born is Destiny's prerogative. If you are born in a worldy hell, you can't do anything about it. Wait till your misery melts Destiny's heart." A Greek sage says: "The happiest destiny is not to be born. And the next happiest destiny is to die as soon as possible." Life is all misery. Unfortunately, the Swat baby was as ignorant of this cosmis reality as a frog is. In human history accidents have been more vital than planning. As individual's destiny is nothing but an accident. The baby's birth in Swat was a pure accident. If, accidentally, the baby had been born in a paradisal part of the globe, it would have enjoyed itself right from the cradle to the grave. But no Some babies are born to be killed by the terrorists and some by the American drones. The Swat baby's plight is not a unique incident. Numerous Pakistanis regularly kill themselves because of extreme poverty. Those who rid themselves of their starvation by committing suicides must be grateful to Nature. Nature has generously created suicides for their relief on a permanent basis. Unfortunately, the Swat baby was too young to know this fact. A horrific war is on between the terrorists and the national army. Both are suffering heavy losses. Obviously, there is nothing shocking about it. A war is purely a blood-shedding affair, not a love-making revelry. But what is indeed shocking is the collateral damage. The collateral damage is of two kinds: the damage to the infrastructure and the damage to the civilian life. Luckily, the damage to our civilian life is not at all a worrying matter. As Pakistanis, we have immense breeding capability. We can outbreed even the most torrentially breeding animals of the jungle. But the destruction of our infrastructure is a heart-rending tragedy. The government claims that terrorism shall soon be completely exterminated. Poor government It just doesn't know that no evil in the world can ever be completely eradicated. Only graveyards are immaculately free from all sorts of evils. Evils can be only partially controlled. Let's pity the government's utter ignorance of the real nature of human evils. Terrorism is a new evil in the country. But the poverty of the masses is as old as Pakistan itself. Actually, Pakistan and the poverty of the masses are twins. And both have grown together. There has been a competition between the two as to which one grows faster. By all appearances, the poverty seems destined to win the trophy. Almost every government claimed that it would eliminate poverty from the country. Unfortunately, before it could do so, it was itself eliminated by certain mysterious circumstances. Governments have come and gone. But poverty seems determined to stay on forever. Let's pray that terrorism does not resolve to stay on in Pakistan as poverty has done. As regards destruction, there is a great difference between terrorism and poverty. Terrorism is discrimination-proof. It indiscriminately kills civilians as well as police and military personnel. But poverty is very partial. Traditionally, a starving Pakistani kills himself and his family members. He has yet to kill a minister or an officer. He is a terrorist. But his terrorism is restricted to himself. He could, out of frustration, kill some well-fed Pakistani. But no His patriotism doesn't allow him to kill a compatriot. His patriotism allows him only to kill himself. The militants have destroyed schools. They have destroyed mosques. They have destroyed hospitals. They have destroyed bridges. They have destroyed police training centres. You name a thing and they have destroyed it. But one thing they have scrupulously spared. They have not subjected graveyards to their suicidal bombings. Obviously, they don't believe in re-killing the dead. What a generosity The writer is an academic