The United Nations Friday called for 454 million dollars in extra humanitarian relief for 1.5 million people displaced by the ongoing military offensive in northwest Pakistan. The UN appeal comes as people continue to stream out of the conflict zone into camps set up in different parts of the North West Frontier Province. A UN statement said that 88 million dollars had already been provided or committed by donors but aid agencies and NGOs needed 454 million dollars in extra funds urgently to help the internally displaced. The money is also needed to provide continuing support to 550,000 people who had fled the situation since August last year. "The scale of this displacement is extraordinary in terms of size and speed, and has caused incredible suffering," the statement quoted the acting UN humanitarian coordinator, Martin Mogwanja as saying. "We are calling for generous support from the international community, in addition to the assistance being provided by both ordinary families and the national authorities," the statement said. "Rapid-needs assessment of currently inaccessible areas and immediate response to families remaining there will be implemented as soon as access allows," it added. "The UN system agencies and humanitarian partners including Pakistani and international NGOs and the federal and provincial authorities are working together to ensure we get relief to people as quickly as possible," the statement said.