I have been delighted by the news that Mr Dasti, whom his enemies call a cheat out of sheer jealousy, has been re-elected as an MNA from Muzaffargarh. This is great news and a great victory for democracy. Some say the beauty of democracy is that even an ass can be elected to be a leader if he has a majority of votes. In his case, we have the consolation of having elected a human, and one that is clever enough to have managed to procure a fake degree too. You need brains to even do that, which Mr Dasti has shown demonstrably that he has. If I correctly remember Babar and Akbar, the two great Mughal emperors were also illiterate and we would do well to remember the miracles they did in history of subcontinent, with out even having a degree? I believe Mr. Dasti can also make history like them, given a chance. That chance can be given to him by appointing him the Minister of Education. If he does not agree to that then he should be appointed the chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC). He should not accept anything less than that. Meanwhile, we are told that there are another 170 or so MNAs sitting in the Parliament who also have fake degrees. May be the President should issue an ordinance, or better still the parliament should do a constitutional amendment, that all fake degrees are no longer fake and that these should officially be treated as genuine. -NAJMUDDIN TAJDAR, Sargodha, May 21.