Karachi is in the grip of organised ethnic violence with fatalities of a group loyal to the ANP taking place every day. Armed gangs of terrorists on motorbikes emerged in Karachi on May 19 killing many in various parts of the city. The fact that this happened simultaneously in separate places only proves that it was well-planned. The police failed once again, as usual so nobody is surprised, and did not make even a single arrest from among these armed thugs. They terrorized this unfortunate metropolitan city of multi ethnic composition the whole day long. Is it a mere coincidence that every time the President visits Karachi, and the coalition core committee comprising the two ruling parties meets, the city has to witness this sort of organised violence, causing loss of innocent lives in targeted killing? Why should blood be spilled so ruthlessly in the presence of law enforcement agencies and they remain silent spectators? Politics of violence has haunted Karachi since May 12, 2007 when the city was taken over by similar armed gangs of a particular party who did mayhem waving their party flags while the police and Rangers stood by in silence. Karachi is too big a city to be run jointly by a single administration, or to be dominated by one ethnic group with all law enforcement agencies put under their domain. But this has happened for far too long since 1984. Street crimes, bhatta collection and land mafia are a reality. Where are the footages of video cameras installed in the city as claimed by the City government and the provincial administration? There is no difference between terrorism of the extremist religious fanatics of Waziristan and that practiced by ethnic gangs of these political parties. NASIR K KHAK-AKHEL, Peshawar, May 20.