PUNE (India) Pakistans former coach Intikhab Alam has refuted skipper Shahid Afridis claims that he forced him to win the toss in the last ODI against Australia. Winning of toss is in no captains hands. How can I have asked him to win it, he said from National Cricket Academy (NCA), Lahore. Coach Intikhab Alalm told me to lead the team in the fifth ODI just 40 minutes before the match and put unnecessary pressure to win the toss. He said it would be all gloom and doom if we lose the toss. I interrupted him and asked why was he demoralising players even before the toss? Why it would be all gloom and doom even if we just lose the toss? Afridi was reported to have said. I even didnt say in the context that winning the toss would give advantage of winning the match, Alam insisted, while speaking to this scribe from on Friday morning. Afridi did win the toss but not the 50-over ODI match at Perth on January 31. The regular captain, Mohammad Yousuf declared himself unfit at the last moment and we had no option but to ask fit Afridi to lead the side, Alam further said. Pontings side won the match (I2 wickets) and the series (5-0). Intikhab Alam is unaware about the MCCs proposal of having umpires presence at the toss. The changes to laws (by MCC, the custodian of the laws), 12.4 and 12.5 involve the toss. In law 12.4, it was felt that it would be good practice to say that the toss should be made in the presence of one or both of the umpires. Law 3.1 already states that the umpires shall be at the ground at least 45 minutes before the scheduled start of play. Furthermore, laws 1.2, 3.3 and 3.4 lay down a number of points that need to be agreed between the umpires and the captains before the toss and the laws sub-committee thought having at least one umpire at the toss would help formalise the whole process. Some people have expressed concerns over this new law for certain games at amateur level where there are no formal umpires but the laws must set out what is best practice. Laws 1.2, 3.3 and 3.4 have been in since 2000 without drawing complaints. The new 12.5 forces the captain winning the toss to notify his decision to bat or field to the other captain straightaway. The current law states the notification could be delayed until 10 minutes before the scheduled start of play. The sub-committee heard of examples where this law was being exploited as a means of gamesmanship to give the other team less time to prepare.