LAHORE (PR) - ChenOne, a chain of fashion stores owned by the Chenab Group leading producer of textiles and clothing, has become a preferred brand name in the local as well as the foreign markets as a result of its highest quality and competitive prices. The design and interior decor of ChenOne fashion stores is comparable with any world class chain of stores. ChenOne has taken a step ahead internationally by taking up an interior project of a 5-Star hotel being renovated in Kazakhstan for the Olympics 2011. Alongside this hotel, GhenOne will also be doing the interior plan of 1100 apartments about to be built there. Moreover, another venture taken up by ChenOne in Kazakhstan is the interior of a mosque, the architectural work of which has to be done by the famous Nayyar All Dada. Being a home fashion company, today ChenOne is the only one of its kind aspiring to changing lifestyles now touching foreign markets.