Lahore High Court has banned the social networking website Facebook till May 31. Every Muslim of Pakistan agrees with this. My question is that is that enough? We as Muslims should come together and mount protests against this competition of caricatures of our Prophet that this website is holding. The creator of this offensive page on Facebook has said We are not trying to slander against the average Muslim. As I see it, they are guilty of slandering against every Muslim of the world by besmirching the fair name of our Prophet. These people think they can do anything they want in the name of freedom of speech but what about the freedom of religion? No religion in the world allows or condones ridicule of the beliefs of other religions. By doing what they are doing, they are ridiculing their own religion, their own up bringing and values. They are simply showing the utter depravity of their own character. -KAUSAR SHERWANI, Lahore, May 20.