NEW DELHI (Agencies) - Keeping aside its disappointments, India is ready to trust Pakistan again and believes that Pakistan will keep the promise to clamp down on groups targeting India, said Indian External Affairs Minister SM Krishna We feel Pakistan will not encourage terror-related activities any more, Krishna told Times of India on Friday. Asked how Pakistan could be trusted given its track record, Krishna said, We proceed on the basis that the Pakistanis are serious about fighting terror. Of late, there have been a number of terror attacks in Pakistan itself directed against the military establishment like in Rawalpindi. Krishna brushed aside Islamabads contention that the evidence gathered by India on LeT chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed was not strong enough. We feel that the evidence in the dossier we have prepared makes for a foolproof case which can be used to bring Hafiz Saeed to justice. Coming against the backdrop of evidence of rise in alleged infiltration into Occupied Kashmir, Krishna seemed to be willing to trust the intent of Pakistans Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. They have their own judicial system. We know from the past that it can be very assertive. Twice he was taken into custody. Both the times he (Hafiz Saeed) was freed by the courts, said the Indian Foreign Minister. Krishna, however, stressed that India will not give up on ensuring Hafiz Saeeds prosecution. We are not taking our hands off him. We will continue to insist that Pakistan conduct further investigations based on the material we have given to them. The growing policy rift between India and the US on how to deal with Irans nuclear enrichment plans has come out in the open with Foreign Minister Krishna disagreeing with the American position to welcome Tehrans decision to send its low enriched uranium stock to Turkey. That Iran has agreed to send enriched uranium to Turkey, is, I think, a constructive move, he said. Krishna was replying to a question on US plans to rope in other members of the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on Iran despite the swap deal under which Iran will send 2,640 pounds of its low-enriched uranium to Turkey within one month and, in turn, receive fuel rods for a medical research reactor. Krishna who was in Tehran when Iran agreed to uranium swap with Turkey did not agree that sanctions had become inevitable. He said, Efforts should be made to encourage Iran to deal directly with the IAEA so that it could come to the mainstream. That would be a desirable objective. But I dont know what will happen in future.