LAHORE - The Lahore High Court has directed federal government to submit statement of compliance, affidavit whether government was complying LHC orders for allowing unrestricted movement to nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. The court Friday expressed annoyance over the governments attitude about AQ Khans restrictions in the name of the security protocol. Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry sought reply from the federal government till June 9 on a petition of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan challenging governments restriction on his movement in defiance LHCs earlier order. The judge observed that the government was stick to its earlier stance despite the court orders of unrestricted movement of nuclear scientist. On this the court directed the government to provide a statement of compliance. The court observed that the legality of the security protocol can be examined by the court if the government insisted on its implementation and that the fundamental rights of Dr Khan could not be restricted under any circumstances. On Friday the secretary interior submitted a report about protocol security of Dr AQ Khan. Petitioners counsel Barrister Ali Zafar while opposing it said that despite an order passed by the high court of not restricting Dr Khans movement, the government is misinterpreting the situation and continuing illegal restraint on Dr Khans free movement under the garb of security. He claimed that the government was illegally imposing restrictions. Counsel said according to the interior secretary reply the government was insisting that the security protocol, which was inserted by the Islamabad High Court, should be implemented which was illegal. He requested that the court should issue an order that no restriction should be imposed on Dr Khans free movement. Dr Khans counsel earlier had argued that the petitioner had challenged the illegal restraint on his freedom of movement and liberty imposed by the government under the garb of security. He submitted that the government was relying on an illegal document called protocol to impose security on the petitioner. Barrister Ali submitted that under the illegal protocol Dr Khan was required to act upon the advice of an officer of the government in respect of his movement and that such terms violated Dr Khans fundamental rights. He submitted that the former attorney general had committed to the court that Dr Khans movements would not be restrained. He said according to the court direction, the petitioner was only required to inform the security agencies half an hour prior to travel, but that as soon as the attorney general resigned the government started re-imposing the illegal provisions of said protocol. Counsel said that Colonel Arif, a security officer deputed at Dr Khans residence, was insisting upon restraining Dr Khans movement and freedom. He said the government could not stop Dr Khan from any visits without his consent and that any of the onerous conditions in the order of the defunct Islamabad High Court of February 6, 2009 are not binding.