LAHORE- Chief justice Lahore high court khawaja Muhammad sharif has established computerized Information Centre for litigants, lawyers and the general public at Lahore High Court. On Friday, the chief justice inaugurated the LHC information centre located toward the office of LHC Bar in the presence of a large number of lawyers and office bearers of the LHC bar. Inaugurating the LHC information centre Chief justice khawaja Muhammad Sharif said the all matters relating to LHC and cases in the court are being computerised and linked to Information Centre which will facilitate both litigants and the lawyers in getting speedy information from one place instead of going from court to court regarding their cases. The information centre will also abolish all corruption if any and due to the bottlenecks in taking the information about LHC system or issuance of the certified copies of orders/judgments, the CJ remarked. According to press release said that the Information Centre will provide all details required to lawyers and litigants about their cases such as judgment/ orders in their cases and next date of the case. All information about peoples case will be made available to them immediately and they will have to just tell their petitions number to the staff at the centre. The centre have computer network linked internally to each court will be updated instantly after hearing of a case ends or an order is passed in the case in court of any LHC judge. The centre will guide litigants about location of the court of judge in the LHC premises and all concerned would be about to get information about getting certified copy of the judgment whether the copy is ready, in process of being made or delayed due to any reason. The centre will facilitate the public about the LHC procedure and filing of the cases or for getting any relief they want from the LHC. The lawyers may get information from the centre about the LHC rosters at the principal seat or its benches in other cities and judges on the benches who will be hearing their cases in the week. The chief justice set up the information centre to facilitate litigant public and reduce difficulties of lawyers about taking information about their case in the court. The lawyers will be given a special code for getting information about their cases and with that code they may themselves get the required information about their cases from the website of the court as it will be linked to the LHC website also.