ISLAMABAD The main petitioner in a kidnapping case - revived after annulment of the NRO - against Interior Minister Rehman Malik is being pressurised to withdraw the case, it has been reliably learnt. Those who have been using pressure tactics include close friends and relatives of Rehman Malik. They are trying their level best to win consent from the petitioner who along with his son was allegedly kidnapped and brutally tortured in 1994 by the then FIA Additional Director Rehman Malik and his cronies. Syed Raza Shah, a prominent Pak-origin US businessman of Brooklyn and the main petitioner in the case, Hashmim Raza Vs FIA, is, however, determined to pursue the case. In an exclusive chat with TheNation on Friday, Syed Raza Shah told that he was kidnapped and brutally tortured in 1994 for revealing that the then additional director FIA Rehman Malik and Punjab Chief Minister Mian Manzoor Wattoo under the pretext of arranging parades and festivals on the National Day of Pakistan were involved in human trafficking with the support of certain FIA officials. According to him, after he raised his voice against human trafficking, he was kidnapped and brutally tortured by Maliks men. His abductors, besides torturing him, took away important documents and cash from his house, he further said. Giving details, he said it was in August 1994, when he arrived at Lahore airport to participate in the wedding ceremony of his son. He was arrested and taken to Police Station Temple Road. Just a few hours before the marriage, his house was raided and his son, brother and a neighbour were arrested. Giving an account of the ordeal, he said a close ally of Malik, Sajjad Haider, investigated him. It was like a nightmare. I was not allowed to sleep nor was given any facility, he said. On a telegram by Rehman Malik, I was taken to Rawalpindi, he said adding, All my efforts to secure bail were frustrated, even request for personal bail was also turned down. He was taken to Adiala Jail without being told about the nature of the crime he had committed. On the third day he along with his son, was taken Mohmand Agency. And were subjected to torture again. Malik was not ready to take me back from tribal peoples custody, he said. Meanwhile, the US Consulate General offered his wife that she could return to the US on another American passport, he told, adding that such an offer was also made to him. After over a month, he was presented before the Lahore High Court and finally he was granted bail. Chief Justice of Lahore High Court and other members of the jury also ordered the lower court to dispose of his case as soon as possible, he said. Raza Shah told TheNation that his friend MNA Munir Gilani asked the then Interior Minister Naseerullah Babar to provide him justice but instead of justice he was handed over to Ahmed Riaz Sheikh who again subjected him to brutal torture. For 13 days, we (my son and I) were made to sit on chairs and our backs were cramped. We were neither given food nor were allowed to go to bathroom, he said. Raza said an FIR was lodged against Malik in 1998. He hoped that the court would provide justice to him. He also appealed to the Supreme Court if his security was ensured, he was ready to provide all proofs against Malik and his cronies. Besides Maliks friends, a journalist of a local newspaper is also active to secure pardon for Rehman, he claimed.