LAHORE - PML-N is likely to secure PP-160 seat in the upcoming by-polls, which was vacated by PML-Ns Rana Mubashar Iqbal on the charges of holding bogus degree, however, there are also other prospective contenders in the run from the stated constituency who could pose threat to PML-N candidate, The Nation learnt on Friday. A pre-by-poll visit of PP-160 Lahore by this correspondent on Friday revealed the facts about the movers and shakers in the constituency who could upset the candidate of the PML-N in the by-polls next month. A total of 17 candidates have submitted their nomination papers for PP-160, while the prospective contenders include Malik Saiful Malook Khokhar of PML-N, Malik Zaheer Abbas Khokhar of PTI, Munsaf Ali Jutt and Malik Muhammad Zaman Khokhar, independents. PML-N candidate Malik Saiful Malook Khokhar is the younger brother of sitting MNA of PML-N from NA-128, Malik Afzal Khokhar, while PTI contender is former MNA from NA-128 and he is also the nephew of Malik Karamat Khokhar, who is former MPA and politically affiliated with PPP and holds a considerable influence in PP-160 vicinities. Malik Zaman Khokhar is also the nephew of Malik Karamat Khokhar, while Munsaf Ali Jutt is the younger brother of PPPs president from PP-160, Amjad Jutt. PML-N and PPP have an agreement according to which, PPP would not field its candidate on the seat vacated by PML-N, while the same condition applies on PML-N. As PPP could not field a direct candidate owing to its agreement with the PML-N, while Munsaf Ali Jutt submitted his nomination papers with the blessing of high ups of PPP. Many local leaders of PP-160 were of the view that PTI candidate Malik Zaheer jumped in the contest for PP-160 with the blessing of his uncle and former father-in-law, Malik Karamat Khokhar, while some believes that Karamat would back his another nephew Malik Zaman. The supporters of Malik Zaman build their theory of Malik Karamat support to their candidate on the basis of differences between Malik Zaheer and Malik Karamat but supporter of Malik Zaheer have confided that a truce between uncle and nephew has been taken place sometime back and Malik Karamat would support Malik Zaheer. Malik Karamat is not at good terms with the City organisation of the PPP and would not support any independent candidate backed by the PPP. Malik Zaheer was former MNA from NA-128, who reached National Assembly on PPP ticket in 2002 with the support of his uncle but later joined the Pakistan Peoples Party (Patriot), which became a major source of differences between the two. The major clans residing in PP-160 include Khokhar, Bara, Jutt and Arian, while the largest inhabitants belongs to Khokhar clan. It merits mentioning here that Malik Shafiq Hussain Bara is one of the 17 aspirants from PP-160, while Bara is sub-caste of Khokhar clan, however many candidates from the stated constituency would withdraw their nomination papers on the date set by provincial election commission in this regard. The provincial assembly constituency is a mix of lower, middle class and posh localities, while the prominent vicinities of the constituency include Multan Chungi, Azam Garden, Margzar Colony, Ittefaq Town, TECH Society, PCSIR Society, Punjab Government Housing Society, Mateen Avenue, Johar Town and Judicial Colony. The constituency starts from Gajumatay, Ferozpur Road and ends at Giyabaga, Raiwind, while PP-160 consist of seven union councils.