General Stanley A. McChrystal, Commander International Security Assistance Forces, Afghanistan called on Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on Saturday. The visiting dignitary remained with him for some time and discussed matters of professional interest, according to army spokesman. On the other hand US embassy spokesman told that Gen McChrystal briefed the army chief of the latest offensive launched by the coalition troops in Afghanistan and consulted him in thus regard. Gen McChrystal also briefed a group of Pakistani parliamentarians on the strategy and recent operation in Afghanistan. McChrystal talking to the parliamentarians told that the purpose of the visits is to consult with Pakistan on matters of professional interests and NATO and US would continue to extend their cooperation with Pakistan in defeating the extremist elements and achieving their require target of maintaining peace in the region. Sources told that during the meeting with army chief detailed discussions were held on new offensive against Afghan Taliban during summer season, results and achievements of NATO operation in Afghanistan and steps taken for controlling the infiltration of terrorists.