LAHORE - Pakistan Television Cooperation being a state-run entity may be handicapped due to constraints exerted on its programming by successive governments but when it comes to mismanagement, PTV emerges as a record holder. Senior official sources have confided with TheNation that one Mr Ahsan Qadir Hashmi who retired last month (April 14) continues to operate in his job despite repeated reminders by the Director Administration of PTV that he should vacate his seat. Interestingly, Qadir is wearing three caps as Director Global, GM PTV News and Current Affairs and Channel head news in spite of the fact that the job of Channel head has been abolished from PTV some time ago. The said officer in violation of rules is signing cheques even after his retirement and officials fear that serious audit objections could result due to this illegal practice. Qadir continues to occupy the official vehicle and may cost PTV around Rs 0.25 million per month in case he continues to 'work in spite of his retirement. It is pertinent to mention here that an inquiry is being conducted in PTV to establish the loss of several important tapes from the archives of PTV that include some speeches of former Prime Minister Mr Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Mr Hashmi was in charge of the archives when the tapes disappeared. The same official tried to purchase STN, a sister organisation of PTV on behalf of an important political leader of the country. To top it all the Secretary Information & Broadcasting has issued at least three orders to the officials concerned that they should ensure that Mr Hashmi should vacate the office as he was no more an employee of PTV but the orders of the Secretary who is also the chairman of PTV continue to be violated and it seems that the retired official is more powerful than his bosses.