KARACHI The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Friday accused ANP Sindh Chief Shahi Syed of patronised drug and land mafias in the metropolis and charged him with hatching conspiracies to spark ethnic strife between Pakhtun and Mohajir communities for his vested interest. Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club, MQM Central leader Hammad Siddiqui condemned the Shahi Syed remarks against Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad. He demanded President Asif Zardari to take notice of Shahi Syed remarks against the Sindh governor because he was a representative of the President in the province. He said that Dr Ishratul Ebad was uncontroversial governor of the province, saying that everybody accepted the services of the Sindh Governor for the development, prosperity, and peace of the province. The MQM leader reminded that the ANP Sindh leader was merely a Rickshaw owner when made it to Karachi. And now after misusing the name of Bacha Khan, he has amassed millions of rupees by way of criminal and illegal activities, he claimed. Hammad Siddiqui further alleged that Shahi Syed wanted to destroy the peace of the metropolis for his vested interest. He alleged that Shahi Syed after getting the slot of ANP Sindh President was hatching the conspiracy of ethnic riots between Pakhtun and Mohajir community. He said that earlier both Mohajir and Pakhtun population of the metropolis were living peacefully with each other. He pointed out that Shahi Syed in his 2nd May speech at Jashan-e-Khyber-Pakh-toonkhwa at seaview Karachi used threatening and abusive language against the Mohajir Community but MQM remained silent for the sake of peace in Karachi. He alleged that criminals of land and drug mafia were leading the ANP in Sindh province, saying that these criminals had been busy in occupation lands, houses, and flats of the ordinary people in the city. He said that the successful meeting of the Hazarawal community in the metropolis and their unity made ANP fear about its political future of ANP in Karachi.