THERE is no reason why the ongoing peace process between the Taliban and Afghan Government taking place in Maldives cannot be replicated in Pakistan. After years of fighting there is this realisation that what can be achieved by a meaningful dialogue is never possible through the use of force. Islamabad must immediately review its current policy of scouring for more and more fronts along the tribal belt and instead focus on finding a political solution of the conflict. Afghanistan is the epicentre of the US war on terror, but since the US has conceded the importance of reconciliation, so must we. It is highly shameful that we are still at war with our countrymen. And it is only a misplaced perception that the military would be able to subdue the tribesmen at gunpoint. The drone attacks, military offensives and all such blood and iron policies have made the situation much worse. The country was a much peaceful place before our unholy alliance with the US after 9/11. So it should be clear enough that things would improve considerably, if the government ends its military campaign. There should be no doubt that the hardcore criminal elements and those challenging the writ of the state must be driven out, but the overall approach should focus on finding a political solution. The mercenaries fighting for the resistance and guerrilla groups would have rejected this life of destruction and hatred and had instead chosen to live as peaceful men if given the opportunities. The elected governments job is to see to it that they are provided with a chance to give up violence rather than waging a war on them. News that the military is gearing up to launch a fresh offensive in North Waziristan shatters all hope and possibility of peace. NATO has stated that it has not pressurised Pakistan for the offensive but what about the 'do more nonsense that continues to come out from the White House. The timing of the Faisal Shahzad episode was carefully planned and points to the US designs for paving the way for a war in North Waziristan.