KARACHI - Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) has decided to set up Mango Pack House with cold storage facilities at Multan and Nawabshah as common facilities centres. The project involves major scope of processing activities including harvest handling, de-sapping, washing, cleaning, hot water treatment, drying, grading, sorting, packing and storage in the cold room. It will impart training in all post harvest value added activities, like processing, packing and storage besides meeting international sanitary standards by workers, traders and exporters. It will also provide professional advisory services to growers and exporters for processing improvement, product and by-product development and packing. The proposed project envisages establishment of a fruit processing facility of 5 or 10 tons per hour capacity mainly for mango for local and export markets. Other fruits and vegetables including, citrus, apple, guava, tomato, capsicum etc will also be processed. It may be mentioned that the growing competition in the international and domestic market has made it essential to upgrade the products for survival in the market. This requires improved on-farm handling through establishing a pack house with facilities of picking, de-sapping, grading, ripening, storage and non-refrigerated transport. The installation of pack house at farm level will not only increase the income of growers but boost the exports through enabling its entry in the high value quality conscious market.