The recent attempt of organizing a blasphemous day by the popular social networking website Facebook is very disappointing. It shows the twisted psychology of not just the creators of this page but lack of sense of the site administration and their poor standards of monitoring and filtering the hate mail as well. The action by our own PTA, at the behest of the Lahore High Court, to block this as well as other supporting websites has been mis-portrayed in the western world. It is hoped that all Muslim states would themselves take firm action of similar severity against this. According to a source, Pakistani users of Facebook alone number in 2,359,620 i.e. more than two million. They do not pay money to be abused. The Pakistani users alone can land a great blow to the site by de-activating their Facebook accounts as a punishment to the site for hosting this abusive act through their platform. This and similar attempts in the past were all aimed at berating Muslims. The attempt is to create such a groundswell of uncontrollable anger in the Muslim world that the less wise among us should resort to public displays of violence. That, in turn, helps in tarring Muslims all over the world with the same brush, labelling them violent, negative people liable to use of force, in short, terrorists. The Muslim world needs to take the matter up internationally, through UN, OIC, Security Council and other such bodies so that these provocations that keep coming in strings of apparently deliberate actions can be stopped. -ZAMIR, Lahore, May 20.