ISLAMABAD The law enforcement agencies have taken as many as nine persons into custody to trace their links with Faisal Shahzad. The abovementioned nine people were rounded up from various areas of Peshawar, Karachi and Islamabad. Sources informed that some 6 people were taken into custody from Islamabad, two from Peshawar while one was arrested from Karachi. The sources revealed that Salman Ashraf son of Rana Ashraf, the owner of an Islamabad-based catering company, an executive officer of a cellular company and the owner of a net cafe were also among the arrested persons. Since the arrest of Faisal, US security authorities have been raising their fingers towards Pakistan, alleging Faisal received training in Pakistans tribal areas. Apparently it seems that NY failed bombing saga was nothing to do with reality and was engineered by American CIA for levelling allegations against some militant outfits based in FATA. Since the day of Faisals arrest Pakistani authorities have been cooperating with Americans to find Faisals alleged links with Pakistani militants, however, according to sources, no serious link has so far been established in this regard. Meanwhile, American Embassy in its warden notice alerted American citizens: Embassy is aware of threat information suggesting that terrorist groups may have established links to the Hanif Rajput Catering Service owned by Rana Ashraf Khan and his son Salman Ashraf in Islamabad, Pakistan. As a precautionary measure, US government personnel in Pakistan have been instructed to avoid using this company. We have shared this information with appropriate Pakistani government agencies for their action. The Embassy reiterates its advice to all US citizens to take measures for their safety and security at all times. These measures include maintaining good situational awareness, avoiding crowds and demonstrations, and keeping a low profile. US citizens should avoid setting patterns by varying times and routes for all required travel. US citizens should ensure that their travel documents and visas are valid at all times, the message concluded.