Just a tragic coincidence may be but whenever President Zardari visits Karachi or any other city, a bloodbath usually takes place there and usually on the very day in a sinister greeting. Yesterdays mayhem in Karachi, after many such during the Moharram in recent past was cause enough for any self-respecting leader of a government to resign. His own party along with its coalition partners, MQM & ANP, rules Sindh. But the horrifying crimes, the mayhem, loot and arson of recent times have remained not-yet-investigated and the coalition appears to be brushing every gory happening, now happening every day, under the bloody carpet of their mutual opportunism. All they are bothered about is to retain power, protect their ill-gotten wealth and keep on. That is what they have been doing in the last two years of the PPP-MQM-MMA-ANP government. The Prime Minister of this coalition would be a tragic figure if he was not so comic. Like a glorified office superintendent, he is only interested in protecting his post, just dragging on with the day to day business to ensure coffers of the boss keep filling. He is good at befooling Mr Nawaz Sharif again and again though or perhaps Mr Sharif lets him do that for he too has to take care of his vast family business empire. We have become captive of opportunists of the meanest kind who must go now if Pakistan is to be saved. -KHAIR BUKSH, Quetta, May 20.