In a recent meeting held under chairmanship of Sindh Minister for Tourism, Law and Parliamentary Affairs Ayaz Soomro, it has been decided to establish Tourism University in Karachi. For the last many years, the tourists are not visiting Pakistan due to deteriorating law and order situation particularly in Karachi where daily target killings is common factor. In view of prevailing situation, there is no hope that tourists would visit us, in significant number for next many years. Also our country is already lacking basic infrastructure facilities. Nonetheless, the international tourists visit only such countries where the law and order situation is ideal and it has basic infrastructure facilities for them including standardized entertainment facilities. Unfortunately, during the government of ex-army dictator General Zia-ul Haq, arrival of the tourists were discouraged with full force by treating their arrivals as assault on our culture. Now deteriorating law and order situation, daily bomb blasts and target killings have added fuel to the fire. In view of poor financial condition of the Sindh government, and no bright future of the tourist arrivals for several coming years, I suggest Sindh Government it should withdraw its decision to set up Tourism University in Karachi. This will only be a wastage of resources. On the contrary, if some training is required for travel agents, PIA training centre and other private institutes are sufficient to cater their needs. In view of foregoing, I suggest Sindh government that instead of wasting resources on establishing Tourism University, such resources should be utilized to provide much needed infra structure facilities for Thar Coal deposits as nation is in badly in need of electricity. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, May 21.