Recent behavior of US authorities and media is enough to open eyes of authorities in Pakistan. Recently US President went to Ground Zero and paid tribute to family of those who were killed in 9/11 tragedy but he could not say a single word about sacrifices of five thousand Pakistani security personnel who lost their lives after Pakistan participation in US led war on terror. Ten thousand more innocent Pakistani civilians also lost their lives in US drone attacks and in revenge suicide attacks their blood is not different from those who lost their lives in 9/11 tragedy. Instead of appreciating and recognizing Pakistani efforts US and British media is discussing role of Pakistani security forces and their capability to trace out terror networks. Realty is that only days ago more advance and equipped with modern technology US intelligence could not provide any initial prediction of Egyptian uprising, angry Obama personally asked to investigate this failure. Only days ago five hundred Taliban top ranking prisoners escaped through several miles long tunnel from high security Kandahar prison but US intelligence had failed to provide any prior information. It is also a true reality that CIA has been working for the last ten years on Pakistani soil to hunt down Bin Laden. US has also developed its own intelligence network in Pakistan with worlds most advance technology and surveillance planes. Now its high time Pakistan high authorities chalked out a strategy and looked for other options. Chief of Army Staff has rightly said that more raids like the one in Abbottabad would not be tolerated. Now in his recent visit to Pakistan US senator John Kerry said that he was very much disappointed over the long presence of Bin Laden in Pakistan. According to him after Abbottbabad operation and disappointment of several US congressmen US might cut annual aid to Pakistan. Despite billons of dollar, US aid packages our country is still under sixty billion dollars foreign debt. True realty is that only corrupt politician and army dictators benefited from US aid to enhance their unpopular rule under umbrella of US interest in the region. Most of the beneficiaries acted against the wishes of their own people. Details of secrets accounts of several key government member in Swiss and US banks often are revealed in media. Ordinary people find nothing from US aid except death, destructions and worst economic situation. Now ordinary people rightly feel that until and unless present Zardari government is not able to get rid of any foreign aid which protects only others interest and provide benefit to only elite class, dream of peace and economic development cant come true in country. Recent worst terrorist attacks and killing of large number of security personnels on the highly protected Frontier Constabularys headquarters near Shabqadar clearly show that despite Abbottabad operation and US claim of success things are going far bad to worse. According to media news at least 80 paramilitary recruits and several civilians were killed and about 200 others injured in a twin suicide attack. It was the highest number of law-enforcement personnel killed in a terrorist attack in the country. Same day a US drone strike killed further sixteen people in NWFP. Security analyst warned that after Abbottabad operation new wave of suicide attacks can further shake the country. Unfortunately, despite last ten years sacrifices, killing of large numbers of innocent people and security personnels distrust is widening between Pakistan and its close ally United States. Instead of recognizing Pakistans sacrifices the US media and high ranking officials are continuously targeting Pakistans security agencies and also civil government. A bill also introduced in the US House of Representatives clearly said that no US assistance can be provided to Pakistan unless Obama administration certifies that Pakistan did not have any information about Osama bin Ladens whereabouts. Clearly, we are at our crossroads. KHAWAJA UMER FAROOQ, Karachi, May 21.