The discovery that at least two of the terrorists on the 'most wanted list of New Delhi are, in fact, in Indian prisons lays bare the motives behind the blame levelled against us for harbouring terrorists. Immediately after getting conscious of the blunder, the list was withdrawn and Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram, who earlier exploded into a fit of laugher when asked whether there could be any mistake in the list, later appeared apologetic, looking just like a fish out of water. The Indians would have assumed that their presence in India would never be known to the outside world. Thus, they resorted to studied preparedness to deceive the public. Not only that. The Indians have been badmouthing Islamabad internationally at every conceivable forum and even giving threats of war. The fact also is that this vilification campaign is launched against Pakistan to helps divert attention from the Hindu militants within the country. And as the cases in which Pakistan was allegedly involved unfolded, the real story absolving it came out, but by that time the propaganda had done its job. The Samjhota Express massacre has now been owned by Hindu extremists outfit the RSS whose chief Assemanand recently confessed to blowing it up. Similarly, the Makkah Masjid that killed scores of Muslims and Pakistanis. The world of course is witness to the Babri mosque incident that has proven to be the deed of Hindu extremist in collusion with the then BJP government. That Indian security agencies are complicit in such attacks is manifested by individuals like Col Purohit and others. On the other hand, New Delhi is involved in fomenting violence in Pakistan, particularly fishing in the troubled waters of Balochistan and FATA. Islamabad must not only condemn Indian propaganda in strongest terms but also counter it by exposing their involvement in criminal activities on our soil.