FAISALABAD - Like other parts of the country, World Anti-Terrorism Day was observed on Saturday in Faisalabad at a time when the wounds of citizens of the countrys third biggest city, inflicted by the terrorists, have not been recovered fully. More than two dozen innocent people were killed while some 130 people were critically injured. As per a source majority of the injured were not living a healthier life after the Faisalabad bomb blast. It has also been learnt that the law enforcement agencies, after months, have released the 'Kahteb Hafiz Khalid of University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF) who was arrested on suspicious of having involvement in the terrorists attack. The bomb blast took place in Faisalabad on March 8, 2011, some two and a half months ago which is countrys third largest and provinces second largest city first time after he recent wave of terrorism in the country. The details of the blast was as a car bomb exploded at a CNG station situated in front of an Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) office in Faisalabad, killing at least 25 people and wounding 130. Many of those hurt were trapped for hours under debris or hit by shrapnel after the blast that reduced the station building to rubble, with rescue workers heaving away stones and metal to pull out the survivors. The gas station owned by a former DIG was flattened in the blast that occurred at 10:19 am, while a nearby office of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) was badly damaged. Both the building of the ISI office as well the CNG station could not be rebuilding or rehabilitated so far, causing fear among every passer-by. More than 35 vehicles were destroyed in the blast that created a 10-foot deep crater at the site. Four people are said to have been lost lives as they were buried alive under the debris. A security guard at the CNG station and an ISI official were also among the injured. It was informed by CPO Faisalabad Dr Usman that about 150-kg of explosive material was used in a silver-coloured Mehran car. It is said that terrorists wanted to target the nearby ISI building. A six-member team of the Counter-Terrorism Wing (CTW) of the Federal Investigation Agency collected samples of explosive material from the crime scene and sent them to Islamabad for analysis. The CTW officials said that the blast was caused by a remote device and created a crater of 4x4.5 feet deep and 10x12 feet wide crater. A hand grenade was found near the place of the incident which was allegedly hurled at the building of the intelligence agency but it could not exploded. The bomb disposal squad defused it. Nevertheless after two and a half months of the terrorists attack in Faisalabad in which sister-in-law of PPP former Punjab President Rana Aftab was also killed as she was passing near the spot in her car. The police, however, have failed so far to make proper security arrangements in Faisalabad citys sensitive areas and public places. The 21st of May is being observed every year as Anti-Terrorism Day. The purpose is to wean the people, especially the youth, away from the cult of terrorism and violence. The purpose of observing World Anti-Terrorism Day is to spread the message of global peace and non-violence but what the US, Israel, India and other Islamic countries and its forces are doing with Muslims and Muslim countries how can 'Jehad be stopped that is ordered by Allah to Muslims in such circumstances that are messed by anti-Islamic circles. It should be noted the US, Israel, India and Britain all have failed to damage the passion of 'Jehad among the Muslims. The US so-called war against terrorism had made Pakistan a den of terrorism. The PM has confessed that more than 35,000 innocent people and law enforcement agencies people had been killed by the terrorists so far alone in Pakistan. Citizens, local politicians, lawyers and religious scholars on international anti-terrorism day have demanded the PM to severe the unnatural alliance with the US and form a new alliance wit China and Iran. It can be made practical during the recent visit of Prime Minister Gilani to China. However, today on this international day, many seminars, rallies and messages through different platforms were released and delivered which unfortunately will served no purpose except personal projection as the situation warrants practical and head-on measures to arrest the menace that has been rusting away the very foundation of the motherland.