Elections are over now with a record turnout which according to ECP remained 60 percent. People came out, despite the security threats and the hot weather, to show their love for Pakistan and democracy. Here the role of people ended on May 11. Now the party which has won and will be forming the government has a lot to do for the people and the country. There is a need to own Pakistan, time to give priority to the nation and its people and put personal grudges or political rivalry away.

We need to transform ourselves into a united nation; we need a visionary leadership with the abilities to counter the crisis like Mahatir Mohammad of Malaysia. He rightly judged the ailment and cured it, when he was sworn in as the prime minister; religious extremism was amongst the biggest problems that he faced. Malaysia was not a very developed country and its economy was at its lowest, but he successfully overcame all these issues because he was determined and sincere. The controversial ‘Internal Security Act’ which he implemented to curb extremism and turmoil proved to be a wise step. He initiated first automobile manufacturing Industry (Proton) in his country which not only gave affordable cars to Malaysian people but improved the economy.

Similarly, Pakistan is facing the menace of terrorism and economic meltdown. Energy crisis has become Penelope's web. Terrorism has spread all over Pakistan and has badly harmed our society. According to reports from UN and World Bank, the small industry has been largely affected and thousands of families have lost their means to earn an honest livelihood.

It is easy to win elections, as proved by PPP, but hard to retain the trust of the nation unless better policies are adopted. The PML-N’s mandate is a responsibility, as peoples have put their trust in them. Mahatir can be the prime minister of Malaysia for five consecutive terms, on the basis of his performance, than why not anyone in Pakistan? Do we have any less brave and intelligent people in Pakistan, or less sincere?


Sargodha, May 14.