In the general election 2013, Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf has emerged as a third-force in the politics of the country. These results were against the prediction and expectation of analysts and thinkers. People were expecting a hung parliament but now PML-N individually has the power to make government in the center.

In provinces the position is different, in Punjab PML-N has a majority, in Sindh PPP, in KPK, PTI has majority, where it can make government with the help of Jamat-e-Islami and other parties. In Balochistan, there will be a collation government because no party has simple majority. These election set new precedents for performance as proved by PTI. Their successful campaigns particularly in Punjab made PML-N worked hard to gain voter’s attention. Therefore candidates of PML-N went from door to door for votes, even in Lahore, where they have deep roots. Although PTI didn’t get as many seats as it was expecting but it created a new trend in our politics. It has motivated ordinary people, particularly young generation and women to participate in election and to elect candidates for the next five years. It was due to Imran Khan’s efforts that the turnout of voters was more than percent.

In his video message, Imran Khan thanked people for participation in the election. He gave courage to people to cast their vote even in the presence of threats from terrorists and people of KPK cast their votes under the shadow of terrorism. It is a good omen for the future of Pakistan. Another change which Imran Khan created was that this time people cast their vote on the base of ideology and performs, not for individual interest or tribes. This time people of Pakistan gave votes against their peers of their own free will.

The nation accepted the change which Imran Khan wanted. He set a new trend in Pakistan. Therefore the coming government will have to perform well because now people want results. There have to be solutions to loadshedding, poverty and corruption. Imran Khan and his party made some mistakes but we all hope that they will learn from them which will reflect in the government they will form in KPK and sit in opposition in the National Assembly. Think tanks of PTI should consider why the party didn’t get more seats? What were the reasons for their defeat? According respected to Haroon Rashid, Imran Khan should learn from this defeat. It will be the opportunity from God for the betterment of party.

Being a leader of nation, Imran Khan should think about his statements and never use abusive language against any politician or personality because he should be a great man with an excellent character, he should have patience and tolerance.


Lahore, May 14.