This has reference to news item ‘Youth brings colour and energy to election’ (May 12). This is definitely a healthy sign and shows that democracy has deep roots which the people appreciate. The first such display of colour and energy, which generated enthusiasm and excitement was witnessed in the elections conducted during the military regime of Gen Yahya Khan, in West and the then East Pakistan. A common factor was the presence of a relatively young, educated and charismatic leader who generated such environment. A large number of voters turned out making it a more representative outcome of election results.

Yet another point to note, with regard to this election was that it represented the normal democratic system of holding elections when due, and not as when ordered by an undemocratic ruler. The above observations are worth remembering. The young, educated, energetic youth of Pakistan, who never before bothered to take an active part in politics should look forward to another election during the current decade of this century. This, to me, seems to be the only right path to follow for a better and brighter future of the country.


Karachi, May 15.