Bravo to Pakistanis on a stunning display of commitment to democracy. Pakistani people have once again proved that they are democrats and believe in the supremacy of ballot. People, despite dismal performances of federal and provincial governments, have reposed their confidence in democratic process. Irrespective of results and controversies, democracy has won the day. There was a great disappointment and sense of depravation among expats over election commission’s indifference towards expats right to vote. Elections in essence are anti-revolutionary and the most effective tool to provide an opportunity to people for catharsis.

Elections also give an opportunity to anti thesis to develop and grow. If we look back to 1970 elections, we notice that the emergence of Pakistan People’s Party was actually a development of an anti thesis against pro-establishment decaying politics of Muslim League. In post Zia scenario Pakistani politics was thesis and anti thesis politics of Zia, inspired elements and Peoples Party politics which took a very interesting turn after 2008, when both thesis and antithesis merged in the name of reconciliation, this development naturally created a room for an anti thesis.

We all then witnessed the rise of PTI in Pakistani politics as anti thesis. The emergence of PTI forced traditional parties to strengthen their lines. Status quo forces of thesis joined hands to check the development of anti thesis and with their control over absolute structures of power they have managed to hold back anti thesis for a while, but river of history has to flow. Penetration of PTI everywhere in the strong holds of major status quo parties is a manifestation of strong anti thesis phenomenon.

This clearly indicates decay in present politics across the country which craves for fresh air. This must have worried the parties of set political order. The return of PML-N, PPP governments in centre and provinces would further fan the flame of PTI. This development is healthy for Pakistani politics. PML-N has got the power once again with all its baggage. The real challenge for the party would be to either perpetuate status quo or incorporate peoples aspirations by developing democratic institutions to grass root levels, like encouraging student politics and local government system or continue with old style of politics based on police and revenue. Let us hope for the best.


Australia, May 14.