AJK Prime Minister Abdul Majeed on Wednesday called for the due role of international community especially the United Kingdom to ensure early peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue according to the wishes of the people of Jammu & Kashmir.

He was speaking at a luncheon hosted by him in honour of the British High Commissioner to Pakistan Philip Baton during his visit to the city. The AJK prime minister said, “We appreciate the diplomatic efforts of the UK to reduce tensions in the region and to pave the way for creation of a conducive environment is  a pre-requisite for engaging Pakistan, India and the people of Jammu & Kashmir for reaching to the settlement of Kashmir.

“We also look forward to a conclusive resolution of the vital issue in line with the aspirations of people of Jammu & Kashmir”, the prime minister said. Ch Majeed added, “Today, when a transformation of government in India is taking place, the visit of British High Commissioner to Azad Jammu & Kashmir is of paramount importance.”

He said, “Unfortunately, Jammu & Kashmir remains as the unfinished agenda of the partition of the Subcontinent and is perhaps the oldest unresolved issue in the UN’s balance sheet.”

Expressing full solidarity with the Kashmiri brethren across the LoC in their just and principled struggle for right to self-determination, the prime minister said, “I must assure them, that we will never let them down nor will leave them alone. Our struggle will continue till the time we reach our common destiny – the liberation of Jammu and Kashmir from the unjust and cruel rule of India.”

He condemned the recent Indian elections in disputed Indian-occupied Jammu & Kashmir state against the aspirations of the people. He also lambasted India for continuing the reign of terror and violence against Kashmir youth besides the massive human rights abuses by the occupational forces.