LAHORE - Pakistan Railways General Manager Anjum Pervaiz said on Wednesday that benefits earned in the result of efforts for the revival of the department would be shared with the employees.

In a meeting with a delegation of Pakistan Railways Employees (PREM ) Union led by Senior Vice President Sh Anwar here at PR Headquarters, he assured the employees, the PR administration would follow the resolution passed by the National Assembly in favour of temporary workers as soon as it was received. He said those trains would be restored in phases which had been suspended due to financial crunch during the previous regime, adding a train Shahsawar Express which ran between Lahore and Sialkot via Narang-Narowal was being restored from May 25. Earlier, a delegation led by PREM Senior Vice President Sh Anwar told the GM about the problems of the employees including GP fund, Pension and Gratuity. Sh. Anwar demanded the PR administration to resolve issues of the employees on priority basis as there was a big contribution of the workers in increasing the earning of the department. He appealed to restore provision of free medicines in out-doors of all railway hospitals and demanded the confirmation of the temporary and employees working in the PM package. PREM general secretary Khair M Tonio and other union leaders were part of the delegation.