PESHAWAR - Central Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam-Sami (JUI-S) and Chief of Taliban Peace Committee Mulana Samiul Haq has said that peace could only be established through meaningful dialogue and the use of force is not a solution to the issue.

“The incumbent rulers, stakeholders and political parties will have to develop consensus that establishing sustainable peace in the country is only possible through serious talks,” Maulana Samiul Haq said while addressing a certificates distribution ceremony here at Jamia Ashrafia on Wednesday. He said that a well-planned conspiracy was hatched against religious seminaries, blaming them for terrorism. “The religious seminaries have raised a voice to establish peace through dialogue, whereas other people are talking about military action that will push the country towards destruction,” he added.

He said that owing to big change in the neighbouring countries, including India and Afghanistan, the rulers should revise the foreign policy of the country. He said that armed forces should not indulge in the internal politics and should focus on their duty of protecting geographical frontiers of the country. Maulana Samiul Haq also urged upon all political parties and civil society to create an environment of peace across the country. “The selfless efforts of Taliban Peace Committee were in favour of government, Taliban and the nation, as the entire Pakistani nation wants sustainable peace,” he maintained. “Our efforts for establishing peace are not for gaining political benefits rather we want to stop killing of innocent people in the country,” he added. He also warned if the government lost this chance then it would prove very unfortunate for the country and nation at large.

On this occasion, besides others religious leaders Maulana Muhammad Arshad Ali Qureshi, Maulana Hamidul Haq, Maulana Yousaf Shah, Mufti Abdullah Shah also addressed the participants. The students were also awarded certificates for their course completion.