MULTAN - Agriculture experts have advised growers to complete cotton sowing by May 31 and follow a comprehensive strategy to meet six million acre sowing target and 10.5 million bales production target set for Punjab for the year 2014-15.

An Agriculture spokesman said in a statement on Wednesday that rains and prolonged wheat harvest had delayed cotton sowing, however, growers can avoid their adverse impact by completing the cotton sowing till May 31 and by adopting a good strategy.

For better production, growers should maintain suitable plant distance and trimming be done some 20-25 days after sowing. Trimming can also be done before first water application or after dry hoeing.

Diseased and weaker plants be removed during trimming process. For late cotton sowing, number of plants should be maintained at 23000 to 35000 per acre while plant to plant distance be set at six to nine inches. Farmers should irrigate the field upon noticing symptoms of water shortage in plants. The sown in rows by drill must get first water 30 to 40 days after sowing and then water application be repeated while maintaining 12 to 15 day interval.