Our government says that it is trying to meet the power shortfall by exploring alternative power sources. Now it seems that the menace of loadshedding will not leave us till 2018. They have entirely focused on production, and instead I believe that we should also look at how we can tighten our belts and stop wasting the energy that we have, but the main question is, do our rulers have the guts to enforce such measures?

The government decided to close their offices on Saturday, but instead, a more practical plan would be to shut down all markets at dusk, as is the practice world over! They give lame excuses, but this is done everywhere in the world. Why is it that in Pakistan we have shops open till late night, and we cry about electricity short fall? Early to bed and early to rise, is a good way of life and it will save at least 2000 MWs.

We have TV broadcasts on 24/7; the telecast should be only from 5pm to 10pm, which will give house wives time to finish chores. The limited air time will force TV channels to air better quality programs and cut down on imported material and shoddy shows. Naturally, media tycoons will oppose it, tooth and nail, but the government should act smartly and strongly and this will give us 1000 MWs more.

We can also ban the use of air conditioners in all places, except where it is necessary. People, who do want to use it, should be heavily taxed. We had no ACs in the early days but the nation worked more diligently, and this will save at least 2000MWs. That’s what all our present shortfall is – about ‘2000 to 4000’ MWs. Steps must be taken to stop electricity theft, decrease line losses and the projects for producing more power should continue along with the above three power saving measures. The main question is, do our rulers have the guts to enforce such measures?


Rawalpindi, May 20.