lahore - Lahore High Court on Wednesday summoned State Bank of Pakistan Chief Manager by June 02 for not responding court’s orders on a plea challenging order of a trial court for issuing a decree against a local company in favour of a local bank.

Justice Khalid Mahmood Khan of the LHC was hearing the case. The judge expressed serious dismay over the negligence of State Bank of Pakistan’s officials for not appearing in the court and responding its orders. The judge directed the counsel of the State Bank Rehan Nawaz advocate to ensure the presence of chief manager of the said bank on next date of hearing. 

Popular International, a private local company, had filed an Intra Court Appeal challenging trail court order against it. After the appeal filed in the court, an evaluator was appointed to determine the cost of the mortgaged property of the company.

The evaluator submitted a report in the court but did not mention ‘for consideration of court’, a word legally required to be mentioned on evaluation report. As this, the judge had issued notices to the officers of State Bank of Pakistan who issue licence to evaluators, with directions to submit reply that why evaluators did not mention the said word at the end of the their report.

Despite the court orders, no one appeared on behalf of the State Bank except of a lawyer Rehan Nawaz who was there to submit his power of attorney in the court to represent the State Bank.

A banking court had issued an order against Popular International company for its alleged default in an agreement with a local bank. The property of the said company had been mortgaged. The company had filed an Intra Court Appeal against the order of the trial court.