LAHORE - In a stark departure from the traditional set up of the political parties in Pakistan, the PPP leadership has conceived a restructuring plan which has no room for party organisations at the provincial, district and tehsil levels.

Under the proposed plan, the party structure would be raised on 17 regions across the country headed by regional heads.

 A region would be of the size of an administrative division in a province. Though the central organisation would not undergo any major change, the provincial chapters and other cadres at the lower level would be dismantled to pave the way for a new set up.

The argument in support of a region-based party structure is that every region in a province has its own political dynamics wherein different influential local groups play significant role in the victory or defeat of a contesting candidate. Hence, only a politician from that particular region could understand the ground realities fully unlike a provincial head who is not in a position to grasp all this.

Confirming the development, Bilawal Bhutto’s ex-advisor Fawad Ch said that the proposed plan was under consideration of the leadership and would be put in place at some appropriate time.

In Punjab, the provincial organisation was split into two well before the May 2013 elections, most probably in anticipation of creation of a separate province in South Punjab.

The central Punjab organisation is headed by Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo and South Punjab set up has been placed under the leadership of Makhdoom Shahabuddin.

 Both these chapters along with district and tehsil cadres would be dissolved if the new restructuring plan is implemented. The divisional cadres would remain but may be headed by new faces. In other provinces, however, there is one provincial head at the moment supervising the performance of local chapters.