The elections in India have unprecedented importance for us. India, home to many religions, hundreds of languages, a number of diverse cultures and scores of ethnicities, is the largest democracy in the world and these elections have been the globe’s largest electoral exercise. The electoral process, to a large extent, remained peaceful and the Indian Election Commission unfolded the results on May 16, 2014. The verdict was loud and clear. They gave a historic mandate to Narendra Modi.

How the outcomes effects the region, as well as Pakistan, is yet to be seen. However, quite interestingly the results of Indian elections were quiet similar to our elections. First of all they voted for a right wing party. Secondly, the results have been no less than a death blow to dynastic politics on both sides. The voters denied Bhutto and Nehru-Gandhi family charisma. Many people have pinned their hopes to the old and experienced politicians. Besides these, both PML-N and BJP enjoyed strong support of corporate and business class. The turnout in both the countries has been highly impressive. Now let’s see how Modi performs.


Mandi Bahauddin, May 20.