PESHAWAR:- After attacks on police mobile in Mathra area of Peshawar, city police launched search operation in various areas near the tribal belt and arrested eight suspected persons. The search operation was supervised by DSP Rural Sahibzada Sajjad and SHO Muhammad Sher. During door-to-door search operation, police arrested eight suspected persons and recovered two AK-47 riffles, six guns, six shotguns and 61 rounds of cartridges.–STAFF REPORTER

After attack on police mobile and entry of three terrorists who later were killed accidently has raised the eyebrow of police and counter terrorism squad. Strict security measures have been taken on all the entry routes leading to Peshawar from tribal areas.

A security scanner has been installed on trail basis to check the heavy vehicles entering FROM Tribal areas to Peshawar via Karkhano check post.