LAHORE - The tournament organisers’ biased approach deprived hot favourites Waqt TV of playing the semifinal of the EMRA Cricket Tournament 2016 against Sama TV and compelled them to boycott the event.

Waqt TV team remained unbeaten throughout the tournament and was one of the favourite teams to clinch the coveted trophy of the tournament, as in its two league basis matches, Waqt TV outclassed Capital TV and PTV to squeeze into the quarterfinals where they overwhelmed Express News. On Saturday, they had to face Sama TV in the semifinal but sensing the situation and strong position of Waqt TV team, the rivals preferred unfair means to sportsman spirit and fairplay as they included two non-journalists in their team to make it strong. When Waqt TV captain Hashaam Yousuf raised his voice against Sama TV’s unfair move and talked to the organisers to get justice, instead of taking just and fair decision, they asked Waqt TV captain to allow only one non-journalist to play but Hashaam remained stick to his stance. When after several requests, justice didn’t prevail, the Waqt TV captain and players decided to boycott the event. Soon after this decision, the organisers gave decision in favour of Sama TV, allowing them to play the final against Dawn TV, which got direct entry into the final through the toss.

It is pertinent to mention here that prior to start of the tournament, all the participating 22 teams were informed about the rules and regulations, according to which, only editorial staff was allowed to take part in event and not a single non-journalist would be tolerated in any team. But against all the odds, when Sama TV realised the strength of Waqt TV, they preferred to include two non-journalists, violating the rules and regulations.

The spectators present on the occasion also raised slogans against the biased decision of the organisers and demined justice for Waqt TV team. They said Waqt TV was the hot favourite team of the tournament but the wrong decision of organisers had deprived them of witnessing the enthralling final Waqt TV against Dawn TV. They also said that the organisers must at least follow their own rules and regulations and must ensure the participation of only genuine journalists in such tournaments.