Rawalpindi - The excessive loadshedding of electricity during the blazing weather has badly affected water supply to Rawalpindi city. Shortage of water has irked the citizens and has affected their social, industrial and domestic activities.

With a dreadful rise in mercury the citizens face electricity load shedding with intervals of eight hours in the main areas of the city despite claims by the Ministry of Water and Power that six hours of load shedding is being exercised in urban areas.

Locals said the electricity load shedding led to closure of majority of tube wells during water supply hours as the Water and Sewerage Authority has not instructed the staff at the tube wells to put them on when the power supply is restored by setting aside the fixed tube wells running hours.

Helpless citizens are compelled to hire the costly services of water tankers in order to fulfil their required share of water for daily use.

Students at schools endure nuisance from the prolonged schedule of loadshedding during scorching days. The fans remain motionless while cool drinking water is not available at the government educational institutions. Incidents have been reported where students fainted due to intense temperature and dehydration.

The loadshedding has also affected the activities at government offices and private concerns. A gradual increase has been noticed in irregularity of the people working in various government sectors. Employees prefer to take leave and stay indoors instead of working under extreme conditions.