LAHORE - Country Representative of Pathfinder International Dr Tauseef Ahmed has said that allocation of resources for civic enmities and provision of livelihood would be a huge challenge for all the provinces if current growth rate remained unchecked.

Speaking at a workshop arranged by Pathfinder International to highlight role of media in addressing population and reproductive health challenges at a local hotel yesterday, he pointed out that media could play decisive role in addressing such issues due to its reach and impact in shaping general public opinion and behaviour. Dr Tauseef Ahmed urged media to give positive stories and articles in support of birth spacing. Pathfinder Expert Javed Altaf Satti shared the concept of healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies and how media could help in advocating this through articles and stories. It was also discussed that journalists have an important role in positively advocating for policy level changes. During the workshop religious perspective on family planning were shared with the media and their role was highlighted to advocate these messages through different channels of communication. Pathfinder also shared that Punjab has become the second province developing a comprehensive and a detailed road map known as Costed Implementation Plan, to achieve its commitments by the year 2020.