During the 50s and 60s, letters of public interest published in national dailies were taken seriously but instead of improving response with e-governance they are mostly ignored.

For example, motorcyclists with or without families are falling and getting injured while crossing the railway track on the underpass of Jhelum Road, Rawalpindi, at an angle other than 90 degree according to the railway engineering standard. Rescue 1122 is providing first aid or shifting to hospital as required and reporting to higher authorities which can be checked from Rescue 1122 office record. Concerned authorities have been requested directly and through press letters but the problem persists for over three years now. It requires a simple solution of allocating a small portion at one end of wide road for a motorcycle crossing at 90 degrees, guided by a few small concrete blocks and a fluorescent (reflective) traffic sign for day and night. It is hoped that the present authorities will be kind enough to help save their compatriots from needless injuries.


Rawalpindi, April 8.