LAHORE - Farmers in Okara district of Punjab have demanded release of their fellow growers, and end to the oppression unleashed on them and their family members.

Under the auspices of the PPP Human Rights Wing, speakers at a seminar yesterday blamed the Punjab government for lodging terrorism cases against their men and women who were peacefully protesting to claim their right on the land under 100-year old Rehabilitation Scheme of Barren Land.

Speakers including Ch Liaqat Ali, Chairman Mazareen Committee, Ch Noor Nabi, Masood Malik, and others said their men and women were taken into custody on April 16 when they were on the way to Lahore to hold peaceful protest.

The farmers have been booked on fake charges of terrorism and have been badly tortured in custody, they said while demanding their immediate release.

Liaqat Ali alleged that the farmers were held at the behest of Minister for Irrigation Yawar Zaman. He also accused the PML-N government for victimising them.

Liaqat announced to hold Jail Bharo Tehrik if their grievances were not redressed.