“One rule for one, one for another.”

–British Captain Mike Gatting, after his

appeal for a catch was turned down, 1987.

Gatting’s outburst came after growing tensions on the field which had begun during a summer tour involving accusations of controversial umpiring decisions favouring Pakistan. Gatting demanded an an apology from the umpire, Shakoor Rana, and this was after both men clashed twice at Faisalabad a few days ago. Rana accused Gatting of cheating, and gating hurled abuses at the umpire.

The following day the Test and Country Cricket Board ordered Gatting to apologise and play resumed. But the incident marred relations between the two countries and the Foreign Office became involved. It prompted a national debate with accusations of racial bigotry. England did not tour Pakistan again until the winter of 2000. England last pulled out of a tour of Pakistan in 1969 after disruptive anti-British riots.