SWAT: Imran Khan Chief of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) addressed a rally at Swat on Sunday and said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif does not know that education, not motorways reform nations.

Replying to PM’s remarks of 'where is Naya KP' during a rally in Swat Imran Khan said that 'Naya KP' will be seen in schools and not on newly developed roads.

He advised the PM to "… think before announcing projects as you will not stay in power to complete them."

PTI Chief reminding the people that his government is investing in people and their education, and soon KP will be the most educated province of Pakistan; education is what develops a nation.

He said that "KP is the only province where police is not politicized and it was KPK police who solved the case of Soran Singh's (party legislator) murder within 24 hours."

Talking about corruption he said this has seen a steady decline in the province after PTI came into power and medical facilities have greatly improved and these will improve more soon.

Imran Khan lashed out at the ruling PML-N and said that they could not bring any positive change despite three straight terms in Punjab and only looted the country's money to invest abroad.

He asked the people of Swat to demand from the PM during his next visit to Swat to give KPK's due share in electricity, gas and water distribution  and see what response they get.